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MAD Muscle Ripper – What is it?

MAD Muscle Ripper focuses on building up your muscle mass as quickly as possible. When using this system, you need to make sure that you constantly stress your muscles in order to both push your limits, and force your muscles to grow more fibers.

This system also focuses on increasing both the size and quantity of muscle fibers in your body giving you that bulked up more cut look.

There is also an emphasis on giving your body proper nutrition. Without proper nutrition, you cannot reasonably expect to grow your muscles as fast as possible.

MAD Muscle Ripper – How does it work?

With any form of bulking, MAD Muscle Ripper focuses on fewer reps with higher weights. This forces your muscles to fail sooner, which in turn will cause them to grow faster to compensate for the failures. It basically forces micro-tears in your muscles which then heal themselves to make your muscles stronger.

The idea behind MAD Muscle Ripper is to get as few reps as possible with the highest weight to force your muscles to failure using simple machines. It works best with dumbbells, or even your own body weight.

MAD Muscle Ripper is a comprehensive program that helps you customize an exercise regimen to encourage rapid muscle growth with minimal effort. As mentioned earlier, fewer reps, heavier weights are one component to increasing your muscle mass.

The second major component in MAD Muscle Ripper is proper nutrition. You cannot reasonably expect to grow your muscles if you are not giving them the proper nutrients they need. In addition to simple proteins, you need to make sure you limit your toxin intake (sugar, alcohol), and maximize things like water.

MAD Muscle Ripper – Where do I get it?



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